What will I get?

We are all busy people and we all like to learn in different ways. As such ACCELERATOR is produced in multiple formats allowing the tried, tested and proven techniques to win more business, to be absorbed in different ways.

Firstly you receive a high quality audio programme on CD delivered to your door containing expert information to help build your business. Each disc contains over 70 minutes of audio for you to listen to at your convenience.

In addition to the CD each edition is catalogued into a high quality magazine meaning that the powerful lessons shared on the discs are yours to keep in written word to read at your leisure and revisit as you choose.

For you to see this valuable programme for yourself we have removed all the barriers and present to you the most outrageous, extraordinary No-Risk Offer ever made!

By taking our FREE trial, you will receive:

All we ask is that you invest just £2.97 +vat to cover the postage, packing and handling.

Please take me up on this offer. I promise – you won't be disappointed.

Thank you


Phil Jones

"Phil is an expert in his field and I can not not get enough of his fresh and cutting edge ideas for expanding your business. Phil's Accelerator magazine is a MUST read for anyone looking for easy to digest hints and tips that make a real difference to your bottom line! We all need new ideas, reminders and motivation and you can get these from Phil at one of his events, through his Accelerator magazine or (for the lucky few) from one to one training with Mr Jones himself."

Sarah Sheard – Account Manager, Blue Ethos

If you have got to this part of the page, then you are quite clearly a winner. Am I right?

If you are a winner then you will no doubt be serious about improving your knowledge and skills and looking to develop even further.

Throughout my career to date, working with major high street retailers, premier league football clubs and thousands of business owners just like you I have developed tried, tested and proven techniques to guarantee sales success.

Using this knowledge and experience in business plus 100s of books, audio programmes, seminars and interviews all blended together I prepared a monthly programme that shares all the essential skills for today's business owners.

It is a little different from other 'newsletters'… how?


Available online to read. You can read it cover to cover in 15 minutes. Also provided in over 70 minutes of Audio CD for you to learn at a time to best suit you (Most of our members listen in the car!)


All the advice given is from personal experience. No theory, just straight talking , real world actions that you can take to make an immediate impact on your sales.

Each month, it includes:


In especially recorded interviews, you'll be hearing from such achievers as: Rob Brown, Andy Hansellman, Phil Ryan, Richard Elwell, Chris Brindley and more. All bringing fantastic advice that you can take immediate action on.


These include:


A simple one liner that gives instant results.


A monthly idea to generate a significant increase to YOUR profits. Quite simply, you get an abundance of no-nonsense, high quality information to increase your sales success.

OK, here is the catch…

Following your free trial you will have the option of becoming a monthly subscriber…

So… let me confirm what you get every month as a Subscriber:

Your first issues are FREE!

Yes… so that you can be certain that ACCELERATOR is for you… I will send you immediately your first Edition – Free! All I ask is that you invest £2.97 towards the postage, packing and handling.

I understand that there is no risk and no commitment and that the bonuses are mine to keep if I decide to cancel.

And that's not all...

I want to do whatever is necessary to get the programme into your hands so that you can listen and read and make the decision to be a member based on what you've heard and read… rather than what's been 'promised'.

"Just to say a big thank you for your tip on asking for more. I asked one of my existing clients who we supply furniture to for more work two weeks ago and have since done 2 cleaning jobs, 2 redecoration jobs and have today received a contract for a £15k refurbishment contract! (£16k worth of work in a fortnight just for asking! – and it will hopefully continue going forward)."

Paul Stanford – Director, Titus Interiors

Here's how it works...

You will receive your first free ACCELERATORs plus all your FREE bonuses, only investing £2.97 +vat towards the cost of postage, packaging and handling. You have a full 30 days to read, listen and decide whether ACCELERATOR is for you.

If it is… Great, do nothing more. Next month we will send you your subscription for you to take benefit from and continue to do so until you ask us to stop. Each month you will be billed just £9.97 +vat for your subscription.


There is no minimum subscription period. You may stay for as long or as short a time as you decide. You are completely in control.

If you decide that ACCELERATOR isn't for you – that's OK. At least you will have tried it and you will have made an informed decision.

Just cancel your subscription by phone (+44 (0) 808 1080 163) or by email (sorry@philmjones.com) And you will have nothing more to pay. There will be no questions, no hassle, no quibbling.

You may still keep the Free issues plus the bonuses as my 'thank you' for trying the programme.

I understand that there is no risk and no commitment and that the bonuses are mine to keep if I decide to cancel.

"Phil teaches and mentors from experience and is not from the “do as I say, not as I do” school. He brings enthusiasm and knowledge to his trainings and I can’t believe there is a single individual or business that would not benefit from spending time with him either personally or through his publications. My recommendation would be to contact him and get added to his mailing list for hundreds of quick tips that can take you from struggling to comfortable and then on to excellence!"

Graham Frame – Owner, thebestof Sleaford

Thank you for reading this letter… I look forward to hearing about your extra successes.

Yours sincerely,


Phil Jones